The Banner Saga 2 download

The Banner Saga 2 download

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2

Name: Banner Saga 2

Genre: Indie, RPG, strategy

Developer: Stoik

Editor: evil

Release Date: 19 April 2016

Metascore: 84

About the game:

Awards and BAFTA nominated series continues Banner Saga 2. Follow turns later, such as climate change flag saga continues. soluciónsque made the first game will be influenced by what is alive and what is dead in this thrilling sequel. While the world continues gusts around you, but it remains a bastion of hope, butdaErfordern no strong leadership, hard to sacrifice influence young hero and, as always, a strategy razoablena fight.


Viking epic saga continues in beautiful 2D animation sequences and pulse is enhanced with special effects, which, in turn, are accompanied by an impressive score in the Uinta Greom composer Ostin

Selecting a player who his story segues gistoryyudaley made decisions based on the first game and difficult decisions to makeit müssenIn

New characters and a new career will continue in his epic quest to interact with new characters and new races, horse Born.

estratéxicamellora improves combat the effects of a more strategic battles intensify the struggle and permanent loss of the characters is always hard drive in the mind long after the battle is over.

The journey is as important as the fight of his role in the creation and management of caravans, as abertamenteen rural areas is crucial not only for itssurvival, but the survival of an entire civilization

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